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The Secret of the Invisible Man

by VITAL Emcee

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If you could define your secrets, would you try to hide from the world? Or just yourself? V.I.T.A.L. Em-A-E-Cay (emcee) / coming through your speakers with ballistic wordplay / ‘cause he been ick-say (sick) in his ead-hay (head) from his irst-fay (first) birthday / with oun-nays (nouns) and erb-vays (verbs) / erve-sayed (served) venomous with a sentiment of aw-ray (raw) evidence that you never eard-hay (heard) / when he striking your erve-nays (nerves), he’s ursed-cay (cursed) to represent and rise like Christ on the third day / is anybody thirsty / at the moment I’m not gonna iss-may (miss) / this way that way / I’ll persist swift through the twists in the pathway / and if I may sound a little risqué, pissed in the fast lane / listen to the ax-way (wax) / unlimited ack-trays (tracks) getting the demons up out of my ain-bray aves-way (brain waves) mainframe / send a Morse code—mayday / if you been the type to nay say, then you’re just gonna… / I was never never knowing knowing what my purpose purpose was if even even any any any any / matter fact and matter fact everything everything I feel I feel is me and only me when thinking thinking on a penny penny / truly truly now I see now I see clearly clearly like my vision is vision is twenty twenty twenty twenty / so feel the might feel the might inside-side of your soul tonight soul tonight moving through through your mind free your mind until it’s empty empty / take a breather breathing out breathing in breathing oxygen, carcinogens, intoxicants intoxication seeping into seeping into callous skin / this callous skin if you don’t get it get it get it / I’ma die I’ma die for the life I’ve never lived never lived, better give a little time to thought, a little time to martyr my will, will it apply to your aesthetics your aesthetics if I never measured measured up in terms of any ethics any ethics any ethics / this like tripping me for reason a be wouldn’t there than out myself figure only can I if now / how some answer and find gotta I but it get wouldn’t I still it with intuitive be to me allow / cope can / I know I me through moving music the with but maze a in lost I’m feel I God dear / strings the pull who unseen forces the to submit to got have we that feel we if wrong we’re / about passionate been you that anything for live people love your for live / yourselves for live / ignored be to like feels it what know I ‘cause you around everyone unto energy little a give / times at benignly out reaching do still I and people to up looking been I’ve life my all and / line every erase will together and mine with bleeding hearts ya’ll for rhyme the and reason the for up stand / Save your prayers
Mute 03:42
This is music for the movement, use it and turn me higher / and this muted soul will blow the ohms out your amplifier / like the messianic sion from Zion, ‘cause my entire focus on this hopeless earth is to make it my empire / hellfire through my optic perception presents the weapons of mass instruction, the button malfunctions to Armageddon / filling my appetite / from satellites projecting words in black and white / coalescing men and women like hermaphrodites / with only half the might inside me—blast and the verbals kill / with the verbal skills that’s filling these verses I build with the illest words instilled / this ain’t that run of the mill rap, we’ve anchored the battlefield / to consecrate it ‘cause the sacrificial virgin blood has spilled / and no doubt, you’ve never heard something this pensive boy / the kind of sound that got me speaking to seek and destroy / for all my tribulations here’s something we can enjoy / but in the process of it, I done pulled you down deep in the void / You can love me, you can hate me and wish death upon my body / you can kill me, you can praise me, but still, I ain’t nobody / of any consequence, I play my life on defense / so to break your wackness down is where I find confidence / and I might as well add that bastards get jabbed, cowards get had / so as a matter of fact I put that down with an adamant slab / and tack the data up from NASA to faster master the pad / and pen to plaster tattered chapters from Grand to Madison Ave. / it’s like that / and the rhymes define these life and times we grind to find a sign that keep our minds aligned and shining with divine design / I’m thoroughly inclined to tap your mental code / unload reload, this poison lead’ll make your head explode / into pieces and Jesus, Lord the things my eyes have seen / like staring at the sky and past the soothing kiss of the guillotine / awaiting draped in Satan’s blatant statements / and tasting from my vain deterioration / I’m mute / And baby last but not least, it’s like I have a disease / and ain’t no room for 15 minutes, ‘cause I’m mashing for keeps / until the day I die, I’ll never peel no caps in the streets / so don’t you try to target me when you feel like blasting your piece / ‘cause I’ve been known for shifting shapes as if my name was Awol / and I was made to grab the Texas chainsaw and eat your brain raw / need I say more or should I draw that ass a diagram / to show your soul on V.I.T.A.L.’s like an egg within a frying pan / fava beans, Chianti on the side like the silent lambs / it’s hella good, you should try some man / ‘cause I’ma make a mark you’ll take serious like bomb threats / in or out of context, I got history like Nam vets / and derelicts with stories to tell from experiences / blasting AI back to Australopithecus Afarensus / spanning the trenches of the deepest seas till galaxies regroup / imploding matter over the stratosphere till all is resolute / this is mute /
I know you’re fed up with hearing styles old and decrepit / we’re doing what’s next in your hemoglobin / with more oxygen brewing than eucalyptus / we figured it’s our turn to carry the torch with voice maturity / too many lessons missing in these books of history / making the mass worry instead of be warriors / I don’t about yours, but my story’s real and simple / sending smoke signals with Moses T. and V.I.T.A.L. / get this math right, every paragraph I write on / raising like the sun, always giving thanks and praises / amazing to chosen, bamboozling competition / read the writing on the wall and said it’s time for manifesting / C: People still fighting and everybody crying, we’re trying to get together so we all can start uniting / no need to tell the politicians writing on the wall / no need to tell ‘em that the writings on the wall / My terrorist tactics are greatly climactic, displayed to the world within verbal semantics / that frantically panic the whole / upsetting the set up of old traditional roles / and I propose we make a new law / capitalistic society mauled / the fallacies that we’ve been running with fall / and no longer we’re having our back to the wall / ‘cause all they’ve bee wanting to do is manipulate us into thinking whatever they stipulate / once they eliminate trust and incriminate us for speaking our minds, they’re gon instigate wars / and calling the puppets for doing their bidding is only inevitable / securing a foreign horizon to take up a claim on a resource that ain’t even plentiful / and they’re calling us radical / ‘cause we don’t believe in a fiscal annual / fact of the matter is that if we don’t ever wizen, then we will surprise ‘em, reverting ourselves into animals / to take it all back from the shattered tatter / so let humanity gather, where we’re overjoyed within the moment that we finally matter / Chorus Can’t you read what the plastic people say / with billboards in their hands and semi-circles on their faces / the key to life is just to buy your fears away / 9 to 5 enslavement for 50 dollars a day / so I pray to the faith, that we’ll believe in ourselves / experience as the teacher, can’t learn nothing from a preacher who encourages the paranoia that has struck us all / don’t look anyone in the eyes and lock your doors come night fall / till we all been confined to our air conditioned tombs / cubicle to cubicle we’re biting our nails down to the cuticle / ‘cause now our mindsets are contorted / distorted, forced to buy into the lies they have purported / like suddenly who you are is determined by your possessions / everything you own will eventually own you / if you fall into that single file undead procession / we’re lifeless at 30, but dead at 75 / chasing the unattainable with a glazed look in our eyes /
Illuminated mass production is functioned to keep the darkness around us to where the truth is mere speculated assumptions / it’s something somewhat a secret / and I ain’t keeping it / so if death is the consequence homie, so be it / it’s like a trickle down theory, more than Presidents and cabinets to Senators, Mayors, and Sheriffs—it’s surfacing / ‘cause terrorism’s sponsored by the same men who vow to protect us from it just to benefit a brotherhood they’re serving in / it’s all related / surpassing the genius of Jesus masking his semen in Mary Magdalene’s chalice in their balance to plant his seed / it’s the Vatican’s greatest secret from Genesis / Adam and Eve with original sin was penned to end the sacred feminist / and terrorists are trained to praise phallic symbols and pray / to justify our media preaching all that our Presidents say / and saturate us in stem cell and gay marriage debates / because they’re taboo and conservatives wanna make that stagnate / huh / you know it’s more than just a mere coincidence / organize a new world order and force feed the indigents / then protect their investment with blind ambition ignorance / ‘cause it’s MK Ultra and the system listens in / It’s like angels and demons fighting wars in our minds / it’s like 1.618 proportion divine / it’s like the cup of Jesus Christ and the blood of his line / kept in secret to perpetuate an evil design / because it’s breeding / and we’re dancing in the masquerade / Photographs of fantasy are being fed for competition / as distractions color every day of life with blurry wisdom / so listen and I know it sounds crazy / but we’ll never find Osama because him and Bush are Masons like Cheney / and such your phone is tapped / monitored by demonic apostles / discredit the testimonial Dead Sea Scrolls and apocryphal gospels / pointing to Enoch and the second race of angels who plotted / against their God so they could take up with the daughters of fathers / and fall defiant / raising up Giants like Goliath / and teaching man about war until the flood had subsided / and now in the age of Aquarius it’s full circle and back / and it’s like the Knight’s Templar financing this crusade in Iraq / and as chaos has been created order comes up from under / and 33 degrees lights the torch that signals brothers / and the US corporation sits in the District of Columbia / where every citizen’s a franchise of it with a number / so we’re trapped people / this grand illusion insists / and the truth is buried way beyond a catacomb and a crypt / it’s like the inherent knowledge in our souls as we sit / and realize there’s more to life than most’ll choose to admit / Chorus
All America looks at me strange when I’m speaking / it must be they’re afraid to confront a universal freedom / this verse is dedicated to the birthright of human beings / from the first day of creation to the futuristic cloning sequence / where mass reproduction begins at the push of a button / and mutate the population like victims in mother Russia / welcome to the age of biological destruction / where nuclear warfare is a significant topic of discussion / I hope you’re prepared to breathe air that’s never been tasted / from a body’s meltdown and get shipped in nuclear waste bins / and what about the young boys and girls who enlist in the military / a bunch of brave slaves, thanks for taking our only child / do you think the President really gives a shit who he sends out to war / why worry about their death when we have 200 million more / as long as we keep the recruiters on every High School campus / a young mind is vulnerable when reading the benefits on the pamphlets / they’ll pay for your college, you’ll get to travel across the world / you’ll be respected in your community like Tony Soprano in New Jers / but don’t forget about the germs you inhale while in battle for your country / the vaccination they gave you only worked on African monkeys / Anarchism / Classicism / Dualism / Hedonism / Egoism / Heroism / we’re the sons of the cataclysm / Criticism / Activism / Atheism / Feudalism / Globalism / Cynicism / we’re the sons of the cataclysm / Altruism / Narcissism / Methodism / Nepotism / Nihilism / Pacifism / we’re the sons of the cataclysm / Pragmatism / Symbolism / Optimism / Vandalism / Terrorism / Socialism / we’re the sons of the cataclysm / And I’m looking at the ocean while smoking a potent gram / kids can’t even swim in the water polluted by man / I cram to understand what the government’s plan / nobody lends a hand to the man with 5 kids / while cancer kills Americans quicker than the rest / my teacher says I’m negative and I be focusing on death / preachers molesting kids without no hope for arrest / the radio’s got my son nodding his head to this mess / women oversexed, they don’t show no self respect / the world’s looking at us like we’re a circus full of freaks / we’ve convinced ourselves that they’re jealous of our success / we’ve convinced ourselves that we’re doing okay / while young women strip to feed their seeds and get paid / I’m sick of going to graves over cancer and AIDS and drugs / overdoses, young soldiers and crave / in this life that they want, they taunt us everyday / watching other people’s cribs while we slave to get paid / but fuck that, me and LD, we bust back / bring it back to the streets, we speak through the raps / Hip-Hop is the music, and it’s time to react ‘cause / Consolidated / underestimated born and raised Orange County native / spitting narratives that keep my naked pupils dilated / sacred / my karma defines me like that of the Unabomber / truth and honor blowing unsuspectingly so view the horror / like Sodom and Gomorrah crumbled / like Nero playing his violin while Rome had burned, I leave you skeptics humbled / ‘cause I witness war and script it for the scores in mythic lore / specifics pour up out of the hidden reservoir within my core / you can’t ignore, when the fact is my word semantics is close to murder / ripping a scripture like Berserker, nature instigating a burst of just intelligence and blurry wisdom angled like a prism / multi-talented, my dick’ll even spit a written pissing / listen, dissing the wack asses / trying for mine when they’re passing ashes / clash and casting heat rashes / savage MCs flabbergasted / mastered through the intellect to go project in every state / and I mean the kind of food for thought that’ll make an anorexic grab a plate / so if you’re gifted in it don’t get the logistics twisted / ballistic linguistic lyrics: my best characteristics / ‘cause I got a way with words and I can fray your nerves / and God I pray to learn to rock the crowd and still be way reserved / you fakers heard that I be slightly disturbed / my sight obscured by your words / when the mic is loud and you bust still sounding absurd / fake ass representers, step in the center, fools and remember / that your heads is gon be severed if you try to test a trendsetter /
So wont’cha tell me what you know about this musicality / avidly animate balance with talented humanity / the origin reflects within the art of war we in / where scintillating discussions’ll sting you like a scorpion / major or minor / these scales have been designed to flow like the river Rhine / deliver mine and intertwine within the whole makeup of space and time / and ornament it’s infrastructure once the mic and stars align in unison / blessing our whole existence / for instance with the innocence of infants / ugh / welcome the day where we’re seldom dismayed / to choose the color scheme where the black and white envelop the grey / in a helluva way / we’ll start anew so the words we speak is sacred / and nothings covered up with lies, ‘cause the truth is naked / though fakers’ll hate it and try to abate it to foul us flagrant / but on the frontline, only the true’ll stand adjacent / showcasing the many facets from real Hip-Hop to classical compositions and master the fact that we’re warriors coming out to play / leaving ya’ll cynics in disarray / and immolate your ministry as wordplay ricochets / For everybody caught up in a world that’s holding them down / this is the hour where we rise and stomp our feet on the ground / this for every human being standing up for the sound / the lost have now been found / this is what we call enlightenment / if everyday is like a prison and you’re locked in your worries / been in a hurry from your birth till the day that you’re buried / it’s time to pump your brakes, dogg, ‘cause you’re vision is blurry / it’s all a lesson we’re learning / this is what we call enlightenment / Now imagine this: let’s drown ourselves in a world that’s fathomless / a world where only love exists and man ain’t self-destructive and avarice / and like the son of Nazareth, we’ll shine like an amethyst / that’ll make you trash a glass of Cris and raise your chalice past the northern Azimuth / it’s beautiful once you can see the negative gone /and hear from God like a repetitive song / no matter what happens, we’re still standing and dancing in the sunlight / with one life and one mic, may this day be done right / I raise a toast to the best of you folks / and for the rest of our lives / here’s to the essence of hope / and to the message we spoke through the speed of sound to mediate / the vibes that got me feeling really great when I’m rolling PCH / in the evening hours exhaling stress out my dome piece / I breathe the night inside, go with the flow like a dope beat / and it’s imminent intimacy got symphonies scripting in me / beautiful sounds that pull my soul towards infinity intricately / and I don’t need no weed to feel the high / for the sweet by and by’s surrounding my inner eye / with the balance of our energies focused, I realize / you don’t need nothing more than love for yourself to feel alive / and that’s the key to life so that’s how we should live / and honestly, this my Odyssey and Iliad to give / and pass down, feeling renowned and honorable / so I’ma stay responsible and my story’ll be incomparable /
Call Him V.I.T.A.L. (free) 04:34
Now, who is that? / oh, that be V.I.T.A.L. rocking that silhouette of a carcass / hardest wearing his bleeding heart upon his sleeve like starving artists / harmless maybe, some say he’s genius, others say he’s crazy / but the fact is that he’s rabid so practice running for safety / ‘cause he’s coming, flexing infectious breath like Pavarotti / kamikaze crashing and burning, snapping shots like paparazzi shit / though, he’ll admit to rocking a cocky façade / his works are penned with a bloodied quill just like the Marquis de Sade / in odd context with the onset of a God complex / unparallel views connecting his contrasting concepts / gifted and young in allegorical senses / censors his heaven brandished weapon through transcendence tremendous / splendid in semblance—so seminal there’ll never be no stopping / long as breath purveys his lungs and all you people keep on rocking / he’ll stay possessed, ‘cause in essence it’s all for ya’ll / until the first flat line of the final curtain call, it’s on / C: Now, who rocks rhymes and stops time to infiltrate gridlocked minds and unlock their confines / you call him V.I.T.A.L. / the modest yet homicidal rival of anything vile scratching the surface to break it down, now / and who checks flows and throws them death blows, resurrecting the blessed till the essence is exposed / you call him V.I.T.A.L. / the ministry repping 3rd Eye Disciple, defending the faith of rhyme with no time to wait around / I’m a commando like Rambo with unlimited ammo / assaulting every track that’s been stacking up ipso facto / scripted in cantos with such audacity / so Revolution’s my name, and your angst is the fuel that’s gassing me / up to erupt in flames and burn on / faster than a laser bullet, even louder than a detonating atom bomb / destroying the world like Babylon / defiant just like Genghis Khan / or Muslims eating pork on Ramadan like the American Taliban / a little crazy maybe but damn / I feel the fire in my blood to help me see who I am / so even if these words is hard like distorted guitars / salt my wounds all you want, I’m still proud of my scars / they’ve made me stronger / true realization of power on every level / citing a Live Insurrection like the God of Heavy Metal / so this set’ll lift you up in a euphoric mood / unless you ain’t got the brains and the testicular fortitude / Chorus Bridge: Let it burn / wanna let it burn / wanna let it burn / wanna wanna let it burn / we don’t need no water, let the motherfucker burn / (2 X’s) It’s blitzkrieg to your brain / lining toxins in my sentences until your head hemorrhages from speaking my name / which, in the sense of pure adrenaline, is the sequence to frame / after we clip your cerebrum and have you screaming in pain / ‘cause V is for vehement verbals, vastly visionary / I is for intrepid, instinctual, incendiary / T is for the talented thought through transcending / AL, another life as we learning another lesson / incessant to siphon science / and thus the legacy is gonna be forever pondered over like the Mayans / and I insist you try your best, try to test / ‘fore I get in your mind like a psychiatrist / breaking the factors down to the smallest molecules and watch ‘em fester in place / and divide the cycle by a measure of space / the laws of nature broken fully and by example erase / their textbook definitions closed case—straight no chase /
We can’t sleep / living a life of strife that’s hella trife and got us running like a track meet / upon these back streets to the frontlines / yet I don’t know how the rest of the world isn’t affected with insomnia / It arouses me to think that we’ve been killing ourselves for many years, not even caring just to gratify our moments / never to be atoned till the earth screams leave me alone / but she’s pimped by Father Time who says she’s free to bone / so we treat Mother Nature like a crack whore / wherein incestuous relationships we steady fucking her up her back door / till she acts sore ‘cause her ass raw, drenched in come one come all, she’s birthed her illegitimate son / our Big Brother / and now we got this sibling rivalry / no matter I go, I know he’ll always keep his eye on me / but we need some sort of protection, I guess, to stay ahead / yet we never thought of protection when we raped the world and fled / and now nobody cares to listen, chalks it up as a fair decision / ‘cause it’s dog eat dog and yet we’re so shocked that terrorism’s on the rise like it never has been noticed before / and only as of late it’s motivating us to war / and we’re implored to back it up and be a part of the patriotic axiom / in a nu-and-improved-clear fashion to the maximum / the taxes come and they’re paid to support the holding down of this fort, then in short, digital passion runs rampant funds / at the mercy of a captured, stunned bastard son / so the silicon masters won the war and we don’t abhor the travesty / and get the back the key to live life organically /and accept the fallacy that holds us all at bay / till one day a rain’ll come to wash us all away / and clean out al this maze that man has set from his greed / what goes around comes around—360 degrees, history repeats / It’s time to lace up your boots and get your troops ready / half of you fruits is scared to see the truth, we’re here to bring it to you / broadcasting live from the LA Zoo / where million different scams are ran to get the loot / politicians buy sex from prostitutes / it’s an everyday thang / hear the shots go ba-bang on the block, the gang’s slang crack rock / when will it stop, that’s what I’m asking / talking to the sky not getting a reply / it’s all about the M-O-N-E-Y anyway / and what makes us live from day to day / so we slave for it / praise the Lord for it / television evangelists taking advantage of the weak minded praying like a mantis / I’m painting my picture on canvas / of the murder capital Los Angeles where we break every commandment / it’s scandalous, trash on the streets / transients begging for currency, but can you handle it, it’s in the ghetto / Ghetto hysteria spreading infecting the area where we all carry a heavier grudge against competitors anywhere / never to bury the stereotypical hatchet, imagine that / it’s happening everywhere / and any prayers you saying is harder to register / to anybody out for someone else’s blood like predators / it’s getting worse / and only time will tell when Hell is Earth / that’s why we keep our eyes open, focused, set for alert / because we…
Vampyre 04:18
Her name is Angel, so beautiful they named the city after her / 40 caliber stamina blasting, imagine an immaculate sabbatical supernatural master of puppets like Dracula / but you couldn’t catch this girl on camera / many different forms embodied through many lifetimes / pushing us dreams through several interwoven pipelines like mine / ‘cause I’ve been under her spell / the way she whispers on the breeze has many schemes for sale / ‘cause she could take you in a moments notice through the city nights / in blasphemous rituals and nocturnal rites under the neon lights / life in her fast lane had got things hella bright / and so bright, you couldn’t tell when she turned up the Fahrenheit / to extradite the many souls of all of her customers / actors and musicians / pimps and hustlers / prostitutes and smugglers, just as up as their number was / within her sanguinary sect, she took her payments out the jugular ‘cause / ‘Cause she’s a vampire / she’s a vampire / and ain’t no way her wicked promises’ll transpire / ‘cause she’s a vampire / she’s a vampire / and you can see the malfeasance in her eyes / ‘cause she’s a vampire / she’s a vampire / so homie, don’t believe her words, she’s a damn liar / and she’s a vampire / she’s a vampire / and you’ll either live forever or you’ll die / Grab your crucifix, who is it moving through the mix / intuitive voodoo druidic and lucid, she woos ‘em in / and uses sins like Lutherans with the booze and the juice and gin / but switcheroo, the next you knew, she’s imbruing her soothing lips / in which perpetuates her immortality amongst her flock of lost sheep to keep us contagious like small pox / immiscible warlocks running ‘round in misdirection / she feeds on God’s children who’ll murder for her attention / in crimson redemption where unparallel uncounter-clockwise circumference routinely routes itself in clouds of carousels / and lost souls follow her path like apostles / living on a prayer, sickened and fucking hostile / treacherously, but yo she’s finer than any can be / plus she goes both ways, sexing in recitative / effortlessly, especially when she’s messing with me / so man, I better watch my step before she gets ready to feed into me / I see you bleeding / I’ll give you what you ask of me / all that you’re dreaming at the price of your very life / She wants to taste of your flesh / she wants to taste you to death /
The razor edge of paranoia steadily cutting me deep / and ploys the void within my heart, thus I bleed as I sleep / I’m unpredictable, a sickened soul belonging in a loony bin / having these fatal thoughts that the devil’s trying to do me in / but life is a game and if you win, the victory is death / shivering uncontrollably as I exhale a gagging breath / visions of a multitude of demons in their legions / the reaper’s watching me, come follow along as I beseech him / I’ve reached him, ‘cause I can feel him peering into me / the cold chills and the cold sweat come on instantly / I’m scissored by the entity and paralyzed / eyes attempt to shut out the dark, the light dies / and it’s happening all over again, for I’m the victim of the circumstance / frenzied stricken feverish emotions as the shadows dance / across a blackened room, leaving all hope of hope destroyed / but is there someone who can save me from this, because I’m paranoid / You can’t run away from me now that I’m here / I’m in your mind, in your soul, crystal clear in your ear / so let your mother shed her tears ‘cause my pull is severe / and you know it as well as I, there’s no escaping your fear / paranoia will destroy you / and I got a lot, a little too much for you / Is my mind playing tricks on me / I can’t tell—possibly / but I feel it in my blood that something deadly is inside of me / but what can I do, I need to kill it ‘less it gets me first / death dispersed, have I been cursed by the universe / I’m the type of person keeping in silence from time to time / wearing a smile on my face with different thoughts upon my mind / watching for a sign, blinded by stigmatic pain / and exiting reality through a vicious migraine / (you’re the problem, you’re the problem, you’re the problem) / Stop, what the hell you trying to tell me, what the fuck do you want / oh God in Heaven can your angels take me from this hellish prison / grant me wisdom and the piece of mind to stop tripping / ‘cause my sanity is slipping and I’m shaking like I’ve been stricken with Parkinson’s / these thoughts is evil, is the doctor in / I need more thorazine, I’m phening for some morphine / paranoia schizophrenic and the bell is tolling / When I’m standing all alone why do I feel I’m being watched / am I a tangible pawn who’s placed in check by my thoughts / a product of sheer instability until my flesh rots / till my heart stops / these tendencies come in onslaughts / been mixing acid rain with the adrenaline in my veins / and it stimulates those impulses in my brain which keep me chained / but could you ever comprehend even to the smallest magnitude that I’m cracking up inside and there isn’t anyone who could help me / I’m just a hopeless case / 300 personalities contained in a single face / but maybe I don’t need no help / maybe I’m not detrimental to myself, but we’ll just see as I aim this barrel to my temple like /
I’m an atheist / abiding by Christ, I’m a Christian / a perfect saint constantly sinning always committing / the most twisted, wickedest non-thinkable fictional tormented, relentless random acts of kindness / I’m a virgin / I’m a nympho / I’m a skinhead African-American with soul / I’m accurate with aim / I’m always furthest from the target / I can’t spell my name / in school I was the smartest / I’ve never smoked dope, now I’m facing drug charges / I’m a Hip-Hop emcee repping the five elements / I’m on your TV screen with bling bling and diamond necklaces / my temperature’s so hot I’m causing hail storms / use inflections in my voice / I’m monotone / I’m primer / I’m chrome / never by myself—I’m always alone / I’m Jesus Christ on a certain level / resting in Hell for eternity, I’m the devil / I’m like the thoughts inside of Johnny once he got him a gun / the solace once 120 days of Sodom was done / a prophet and a beast who’ve been speaking in audible tongues / the prodigal son divided by one / but who are you in the dark / I’m like the whispers in the wind when it’s fate that’s at stake / the greatest escapist displayed as man was raised up from apes / surpassed the fabric of time to trap the traces of space / my face is embraced with chaos in place / but who are you in the dark / I’m two parents holding a child with fear / I’m a child reared from the beginning to fear the end of my existence / I’m a vandal with suicidal tendencies during my adolescent years / I’m a growing man trying to justify my identity / I’m a relationship full of break-ups to make-ups / I’m a marriage gone wrong / now I’m a drug addicted tax-payer, divorced from reality / and I became a homeless person begging for lint, whistling my tragedy / stuck inside walls with no holes to escape through / I’m imprisoned by time and my face grew old with time / along with my pride / I’m a lost cause on skid row / who didn’t know how to handle the situations life threw at me / until I became a born- again Christian unhappy / Chorus I’m gas, I’m liquid, and I’m solid / I’m cancer and AIDS / I’m the bloodshed from bullets / I’m guns and grenades / and I’m democracy / a million and one philosophies / I’m Socrates, Aristotle, and Mephistopheles / I’m all commodities and obviously the second coming of Christ / I’m Buddha, Krishna, and Muhammad all in one in disguise / I’m the eyes that don’t lie / I’m the voice in the soul / I’m the Heavens, I’m the Earth, I’m the Hell that’s below / I’m the famine, I’m the death, I’m the pestilence and war / I’m the storms in the skies and every horse of the four / rich and poor / male and female / I’m straight and I’m gay / NY and LA / the people’s power betrayed / I’m a vagina and a penis / I’m an embryo that’s seedless / I’m a genius and the leftovers of an aborted fetus / believe this when I tell you that I’m here and I’m almighty / ‘cause I’m what’s inside your psyche and there ain’t nobody like me /
Am I lost / walking a tightrope at a high cost / sinning left and right, better bite my left and right arms right off / and get up off this high horse / but no, I’d rather die cross / then walk a straight and narrow road in which I feel that I’m forced / but I’m sauced half the time / kneeling before a ceramic shrine / and praying for more than the average dime I only seem to see / and what’s real to me is what the system calls indecency / so I try to fuck the system, ‘cause the system sure likes reaming me / and secretly, I guess that I kind of like it a little bit / finding my pleasure in all them blurry tears that keep me illiterate / it’s still a trip to watch my scattered shadow as it convulses / numb from laughing pains while fighting repulsive natural impulses / most of all I taste the tainted breath I breathe, it burns below / but I like this virus ‘cause it’s me and my disease is terminal / I call it normal while most seem to think that it’s slightly insane / but you can call my concrete bluff ‘cause I’m not losing in your games / in your games / I guess that this the secret of the invisible man / living life within his shadow, hiding anyway he can / and since I do give a good goddamn of my purpose and plan / your mission is to find out who I am / you’ll never know / that this has been the secret of the invisible man / living in a dream, screaming in silence to understand / can’t he ever stop to examine reasons he’s damned / and find his eyes are not as quick as his hands / he’ll never know / This music embodies all of me / and I can’t reflect on the gist of any biblical prophecy / ‘cause I’m probably doomed to be wandering an astral plane in Purgatory to put the pieces in harmony / but back on earth, the rules are like Monopoly and I watch my property / but, what’s mine? / I’m fighting to find a sort of balance, but my kindness is seen as weakness, thus I’ve been taken advantage of / and I can’t erupt, because it’s something that my nature’d choose to miss / grin and bare it / ignorance ain’t bliss when playing oblivious / but then, I see everything that happens in my presence / I remember every word in every line in every sentence / open up your eyes / you wanna kick it, don’t lie / ‘cause as a result, you’d be baring the burden of wasting both our precious time / bless this wine, Lord and may it nourish my body / and I pray that half of these MCs don’t try to flourish by copying /everything I set out to succeed by reaching humanity / though, I walk around with a front of misunderstood misanthropy, it’s / Now, what you’re seeing in me is what you’re gonna wanna see in me / and what I’m dreaming of you gets me through all the impossibilities / this ain’t a taunt since it’s probably what we both want / and everything we both know of each other since we both front / because you’ve seen it all and all I’ve seen of you is minuscule / and I start to wonder why my claim to fame’s to stay invisible / but is this ever inevitable when one makes plans against his lifespan / and all the while I overlook all the hundreds of miles that I’ve ran in place / just to make sure that my laps can be retraced back / in this rat’s race track disgraced / I never spoke my mind and now I’m dying for it / grabbing a pen and a pad to unleash all the demons crying for it / and recording if I’m ignored / in situations face to face / so over a beat I plead my case / now, inhale my life and tell me how it tastes / bitter maybe / sour or sweet / either way it’s probably rotten / just to leave an essence that won’t be forgotten / I swear to God /
Funhouse (free) 04:53
Welcome ladies and gentlemen, settle into my eloquent settlement / feel the benevolent, relevant rush of adrenaline / coursing through my veins / set this precedent in sediment / evidently heaven sent me to bless my brethren with intelligence / I’m an expressionist, and V.I.T.A.L. be my name / I’ve fought the wars all across domestic and foreign shores / toss the Molotovs off / realize what we’re brawling for / if all is lost, then call the cops / ‘cause MDB ain’t falling off / and Jesus Christ himself ain’t calling off this holocaust / enter the premises of your known nemesis / lyrical exorcist / I’ve been intrepid since Edison mastered the art of inventiveness / thus, rewind my soul / this be the Genesis / one with the elements / I’ve been a veteran of subjects and predicates / better than the medicine prescribed to us Americans / like good ole rock and roll / so realize the key to life is being a freer kind / instead of being in need of time, we need the time to free the mind / between the Garden of Eden and the seas was Adam, Eve, and I / redefined / to possibly apply the seed to be deified to feel alive / Hear the tick and tock of the ticking clock in your brain / and know the time is now to take back everything from this fun house / they’ve got us trapped inside this fun house / and I ain’t taking it / blessings come in disguise and life soon leads to death / in attempts to come undone, one flew over the cuckoo’s nest in this fun house / are we all lost inside this fun house? / and I ain’t taking it / Claustrophobia feels like getting locked in a box in a costly coma / lost in the sauce, exhausted I pause at a loss, and I fear that my cause is over / too many MCs crossing over / Hip Hop soldiers dancing the bossa nova on a tight rope over rocks and boulders from Boston to Barcelona / pragmatism, pacifism, we’re the sons of the cataclysm / and this system gives me aneurisms from it’s bad decisions / nationalism and religion / calculate it’s algorithms / add in mass derision and you’ve aptly had the vision madly / I cannot ever know why they’ve been thinking we’re dummies, not hip to the fact they’ve been pimping us out everyday of our lives, and we speak nothing of it just so we can go on in comfort / but comfort is something we’ve taken for granted / along with the rest of the planet / I know that we’re living to die, but I wanna be dying to live and bring on a change for the better in all of us / never need for testing / I’m repping this as my weapon / no harming heads who done slept in / it’s hard enough no exemptions / till we all martyred, keep my scars guarded like I’m Stellan / I’m telling you blessings always manifest in only seconds, and therefore / Chorus So give me this fist / lift if your pissed / in multiple different instances this isn’t a risk if we hit or we miss / we’re persist in insisting that this is business / no resistance, never cease and desist / we’re consistent in bridging the distances missed / in this twisted abyss ignorance isn’t bliss / so don’t miss the epiphany—listen to this / and know that the meaning of being a human being means believing in rhyme and reason breathed in from the day / we say / that even the heathens need redeeming for reaping the seeds in season / I’m leading this gleaming beacon / just to slay clichés / immolate it, ‘cause nature’s gone, nature’s gone / hit ‘em with the rhythm when they take me wrong / as the day is long, I’ma take them on / ‘cause I don’t wanna be a corporation’s pawn / so stay dead on and stay head strong / boy, we’re gonna shine like the rays of dawn / where the flames belong over Satan’s spawns / and it’s 2 minutes to Midnight like the Maiden song / so follow me down these corridors with you and all of yours / abhorring the war absorbed in my gourd awarded by the fallen sword / and/or it’s all the more like warrior lore when you’re hearing this orator / but I’ve been running out of options, ‘cause they’ve taken my morals Lord / them wanting a war / Chorus And if I’m off my rocker than lock me in an asylum for idolizing the demigods who fell like the Nephilim / and though, if I could only just hear myself, I’d plead you come and help me turn all of these voices off please…
Waiting on the corner for the man with the black trench coat / I know he got what I need and without it I just can’t cope / I wake up all alone / I cannot find my phone / my car is gone again and there ain’t no sign of him / Baby, you know that I understand that you can feel my pain / I will tell you all my secrets, but for this I can’t explain / but when you come into the door / I ask you just once more / but you choose to take that chance / yeah, you take the time to dance / Now tap the bottle and twist the cap and find your fade with these flows / ‘cause Uncle Sam’ll ante up until he pays what he owes / we gotta fix prescripted ‘cause the shit’s addictive / if you slip the mick, it’s just the way that it goes / so add it like an abacus and baby count that up / and bounce back just ‘cause I wore a slouch hat once / and found that stuff to spill on the real to the reel / as good friends, good music, and a bottle of pills reveals / Living envisioned, blurry to wisdom, sickened is this in a written inscription / of backward ambition and meeting it dead-on like a head-on collision / leaving a schism, and twisting the bottle cap like that when I stroll / and then ingest the freshest breath to set the measures as it’s vested control / professing the soul through cures that motivate me / dependence in delirium tremens, I’m finding greatly / have saved me from mediocrity and musically it’s true blue / but who knew the voodoo I seemingly gotten through to / boogadeboo / so you can make your judgments now, and I’ll just tip my cap and be on my way / nickels and dimes and summertime inhabits in picnics for friends and addicts, emphatically happier with the day / so I stay in a half mast of torrential outcasts aborted / my slouch hat tilts forward from rationing paregoric / to figure the meaning of life is about as legit as you getting involved / so I’ma get in the mix, deliver the twist, and hit you with lickety-split, aahhh / Feel my black Fred Astaire glide, zooted like Coltrain / dizzier than Gillespie / 3 piece suit creased / took a train downtown to where the boys be / slouch hat crazy in smoke filled rooms jazzy / inspirational, my peeps showcase talent / even though there’s color boundaries, we cut the rug addicts / in them wingtips, and here’s a tip for you / recognize the Blue Notes and you’ll see where we come from / Moses on the bones, Borth on the saxophone / Harlem night scene, stay fly or get sent home / New Orleans through Chi-town we take over / power to the people making the music that you ask for / look ya’ll, I’m on the first thang smoking / head straight to Europe where they appreciate the art form / Josephine Baker style / maybe times will change and I’ll come back, but I’m living it up for now /
Shivering in the rain drops / embracing the pain from your stained thoughts / clutching your shotty, don’t make the pain stop / praying lots, knowing that all you have in this world is a number unto your name, shots fire and grenades drop / yet in the midst of this jungle your veins clot / from the cold, thinking of your mother’s face when a blade chops / down barely missing your vision, your aim locks / and the darkened silhouette who came pops / but you a soldier / trained to do what your government told you / mold you with a chip on your shoulder, you grow up / in search of honor through a false sense of karma that ain’t right / learning how to face death before you ever taste life / but uh, fuck it, you feel empowered now / and with a Bible and a rifle who’s the coward now / fired up to do the reaping of devoured sows / and anything the whole holier than thou allows / so sound ‘em out / (hut!) / this everything that we’ve been needing / any kind of reason justifying why different culture’s bleeding / if they think they’re even, they get a gat for that / a pap pap or rat-a-tat to put a pat on your back / and hear your boys reaffirming you the man in the set / but then this war is held to go collect a fathomless debt / of which they never told you really once they put you in the budget / but then again, you’re so down for it, it doesn’t matter, does it / As a young boy, I always wanted to be older / looked at my mother and told her / your little boy’ll be a soldier / so I’ma show you / let the music show you / From World War II to Vietnam to Desert Storm /we’ve adorned our doors scorned with the mark of the first born / forewarned, cold wars, engaged in this practice / as generals gather in their masses like witches at black masses / from Babylon to Damascus / stain the land with the blood of apocryphal bastards / and claim the soil as your own / justified by the regime that’s overthrown / and prove the war gene is in your chromosomes mankind / fast enough to rob a man blind / terrorism ain’t a threat, it’s how God began time / and if our rise is our demise, will a blind man find / when he two seconds behind of standing on a land mine / any sign of life will soon be a target / crimson earth will meet the sky to paint the whole horizon scarlet / where the future lies guised in a bleak insanity / to cost a patriot the price of humanity / can it be our reality / Some people die for it / pride, war, money, oil, drugs / flesh, hate, land, respect, love / pain, power, envy, wrath, lust / status, comfort, success, greed, trust / I was sold to this earth with a pen and a verse / for the kids who want less abuse and hurt / modern day holocaust, Osama try to calm your nerves / for the nerds deserted in the schools / produce fools that rule the earth, the truth hurts / I represent the quiet / quiet before the riot / MCs speak of revolution, I don’t buy it / I was formed over time by science / Hip-Hop defiant, I ain’t trying to die quick / I spit my third eye going rising optic /running out of time and watching the clock tick / out of my mind, though, ‘cause the flow is so sick / virus, open your eyes, we’ve arrived with / crews to bring the truth, Technicali’s finest / open your blindness, hoping we arriving / shower my soul, when I flow, the sky cries it / Because we love it in the killing fields / yet another war to end all wars, and still the killing yields / souls to the spindle of the spinning wheel / where a life is just a number on a soldier looking for a thrill / We love it, we live it, we die for it
It ain’t safe to go outside anymore / and it ain’t safe having pride anymore / ‘cause everyone’s a soldier living to breathe and that’s like fighting a war / and speaking of war, if sanctioned by the rich, then why’s it fought by the poor / in hopes of fraudulent peace that must be a helluva sight for eyes when they’re sore / so war is waged on foreign soil and on the concrete here at home / and it seems to me that jails are safer than schools these days / though both are overpopulated and all the kids can’t probably tell the difference / and all the while our President sets up his religious lineage / so I ask myself is it worth my energy to fear the threats / when the Internet and reality shows alone promote identity theft / and the enemy gets inside of our heads / and we’re not content with a bite of our bread / and in spite that we all resist, the wrong exists on either side of the bed / so that’s why I’m upset / there ain’t no balancing these clichés / gas prices are sky high and there’s shootings on the freeways / but if Christ done rose in 3 days, his anti hides in the details / on TV and in e-mails / claiming to us that peace sells / I can’t go outside / I can’t stay inside / The uber alles face of a poison nation in resolve / reflects it’s citizens consumed by fear in attempts at martial law / I might as well turn my TV off, but it’s tied to me like a tourniquet / in a tournament where the hermetic purpose is to serve advertisements / and I serve them well / it’s taught me beauty, how to label, and how to package / it says we’re either niggers, devils, spics, gooks, or faggots / panoramically diseased / internal division, we’re ill at ease / and still judge anyone based solely on their inabilities / and it’s killing me / though more coincidental is the frame of twin towers on twenty dollars folded like a paper plane / or the pentacle on the pyramid on the back of a one, it’s all the same / but as long as we depend on prescriptions, we won’t notice anything / other than they want us noticing as blatant facts of matter / ‘cause loss of individualism makes a gang of happy campers / we’ve got the cure for boredom, but we’re not immune to disaster / ‘cause AIDS and cancer came to kill us faster / and they’re catching up / Nostradamus and the Anti-Christ / mass pollution and meteorites / earthquakes and plagues as the book of Revelation’s prophesied / and 2012’s the year when and where the Mayan calendar just subsides / ups and dies as terror alerts have made our emotions colorized / in front of our eyes / they prey on the fear influenced millions / and we all know government’s corrupt, but some claim that they’re reptilian / possibly Annunaki from the twelfth of eleven planets / within our galaxy responsible for all of our pain and anguish / then some believe when Christ returns the chosen ones’ll vanish / so they’ll manage another market crash as nuclear power’s brandished / but nevertheless, the media’s gonna be the one to annex all the damage /just so the heads like me can watch the shit and panic / so why should I even try to live / in a system that’s designed to give / a little and take your years away every time we step out the doorway / thus I cannot contribute for the forfeiture of my soul / when I know that Uncle Sam’ll probably hire another Lee Malvo /
Noel (Outro) 03:07
If this was all a dream, what it’d mean / if this was just some parallel reality and I was caught in the in between / would anybody grow to know that I was just an older soul / who failed at understanding what my purpose was / maladjusted from the serpent’s touch, and I tried to confide it / to those who saw past the oblivion because I disguised it / within attempts at normality / my lie was candy coated candidly / as Death reached his hand to me / in that penultimate moment where Bela Bartok serenaded my stigma / with the insignia of an invisible finger pulling a trigger / never occurred to me / contempt versus content could spend an eternity in a burning furnace for perjury in the first degree / ‘cause all I needed was love / but instead chose loneliness ‘cause love wasn’t enough / and to martyr that feeling for the sacred sake of a bluff / was a mistake that was made because I hated this stuff / but, I never thought I was exceptional / or that the mark I’d make in this life could be memorable / but things change, and my lonely days was shedded on stage / so pray for my soul, because I was Noel, and Noel was strange / Why did everything always fall apart at my fingers? / Tell me why, I’ll never know / I don’t care about living


released June 3, 2006

MDB Records


all rights reserved



VITAL Emcee Brisbane, Australia

VITAL Emcee is a boxing match between 2Pac and Eminem with Elton John as the referee.

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