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Breathe 03:57
Well another day another dollar / but why should I bother / like I need another proper / in the squalor of another faux pas cops and robbers / I tend to swim too far out and get swallowed up / a rip tide, pulling on my zip line / it takes much too much for me to get mine / then again if I get a measure of adrenaline / then I could represent till I become a fucking veteran / goddammit / I keep scuffing up my knees to bleed and pick at the scabbing / my timing’s off, this holocaust is often lost to keep all the have-nots from having / but just imagine waking up to the days / where we’re sick and afraid of being stuck in our ways / life would bring more life in spades / so just inhale and exhale with the phrase, like / Breathe / I breathe / and I breathe / No matter who you are, no matter who you know / no matter where you been, no matter where you gotta go / Breathe / I breathe / and I breathe / and if you’re fed up / you got to keep your head up / And I could do it all if I decide to ride in gear 5 / like damn it feels good to be alive / morning in my eyes with sunrise / so universal it should be a franchise / so just smile baby for the good times / and watch VITAL Emcee write the headlines/ and some will stare just like a deer up into headlights / so I can get up to get right / but these days I been lazy and I’m lackadaisical / I can’t remember what I did 10 days ago / where’d all the years disappear to and how am I here with nothing more to show than weathered up facial bones / and new kicks from a new breath to breathe in / new heads to drink with, new beds to dream in / somebody said that it’s the best kept secret / so one’s for the feeling and two’s for the freedom / Chorus From the core of existence, live in the instance / breathe through the infinite source of the sky’s limitlessness / inner vision metaphysics and having all of that backed by a much better business / but I swear to God from the Mosque to the Synagogue / the world is cold and I been running the Iditarod / can’t even get a job / but like it really matters cuz I know what I can do if I just flex a little heart / and he say she say is so cliché / that nowadays we pay to rock an empty stage / negative if the positive’s delayed / and each day, I think of selling my soul on eBay / for all that it’s worth / from birth to the dirt / I start to wonder if this whole earth is inert / like I’m the sideshow in a circus of jerks / and the truth in the words hurt bad cuz it works / just breathe / Lie to me / convince me that I’ve been sick forever / and all of this will make sense when I get better / Chorus
I’m like a glitch within your system never to be traced / I’ll replace the factors bringing the wackiness to a game I plan to deface / evasive with the wordplay over this shit that VTZ laced / thus I’ll be down to die for what I spit and rise in 3 days / and yo passion is real and yo the music is massive / smashing atoms to ration and striking like an assassin / ugh / igniting the fires from the mountains to the valleys / from Heaven down to the Gates of Hell where the angels dwell in killa Cali / rally round the home team, scream for revolution / mash the catechism obscene, I’m running with a mob scene for retribution / tell your friends that VITAL’s calling / with the kind of lyrics felt like bullets in your spinal column / picture this indigenous twist of faith in the face of the truth that we showing off like an exhibitionist / and lift your fist in the midst of wickedness till we diminish it / throwing your voice against the system like rebel ventriloquists if we’re pissed / We coming round baby with all guns blazing / we making a change and fighting off enslavement / VITAL Emcee is a movement / moving through all the fools in your crew till they bruising on the pavement / We coming round baby with all guns blazing / we making a change and shaking up the game with / a little bit of a school for breaking rules that apply to the truth and it’s proof that we can blaze them / My mental tapestry can eclipse the moon and sun / in minuet and trio triumph, descended effluvium / rudimentary coup de grace, watch the hostages truly run / parallel to asbestos, my essence collapses lungs / breathless and well fed / VITAL Emcee stricken as hell sent / reveal the ark of the covenant melted, huh / order ordained, sentence the semblance in stone / beyond emcees and microphones / beyond DJs and acetate / beyond the chromosomes and DNA / my métier ferociously vamped stamps the CD playing / amps, graffiti spraying, the layman lingers / my words is reputable as the leper with the most fingers / yeah / so what’s the count, mic check the west nile / infection like sig hail casted into exile / government officials spreading the venom of reptiles / and the style infatuates me with darkness like aliens and x files / Chorus So another day in the life I’m forced to add / a name to the list of everybody that can kiss my ass / virus through your hard disk and systems crash / straight dire straits playing Iron Maiden in the dash / like seventh son of a seventh son with a better blade / nephilim serenade / transparent third eye barricade / hair of the dog and some pepper spray / so you can bring the beef because I got your fucking marinade / heeded beastial seeds heated to CDs / mp3s decrease degrees and freeze heebie jeebies / temperature spike thermostat so homie snack on your Wheaties/ cc’d to everybody locked inside these industry meetings / without me, about me—I’m bigger than So Cal / dragging both balls across the ground for the showdown / N’awlins to Oaktown, this how it goes down / and I’m coming full circle so respect or get broke down /
C: Come run up and bring your funk to the table / I’m taking it back from all you killers on the payroll / cuz we been waiting on a savior to come / so (WHOO!) show ‘em how it’s done / (I) show ‘em how it’s done / direct respect and catch wreck cuz we’re sick with / skills that spill until all of this is liquid / and Lord please, they ain’t fading me none / so (WHOO!) show ‘em how it’s done / (I) show ‘em how it’s done / Yeah you know I got that sickness flow / cool, cunning, and criminal / since 2Pacalypse and the Notorious Bigelow / the rhythm hits and it’s quicker than Michael Vick could throw / a rabid pit he sends to OJ Simpson just to sig Nicole / no longer playing ya’ll, I’m done with all them niceties / cuz now I’m bringing out the guns that Sean Price would squeeze / 99 degrees, I’m handling mines with ease / and I better blow, the clock’s been ticking like Lyme disease / so it’s time for me to test my finesse with a venomous kiss / cuz it’s best for business / kill the listlessness with a little mischief / and pass the High Life, Christ bares my witness / LORD / it’s like I’m walking on water / and I just traded Lil Wayne for his chain to drop it hotter / cuz I emerge on blocks like I’m serving rocks / just to blow the spot up in my Birkenstocks / whoa / Chorus I don’t apologize for this and like I’d ever care / so at this moment go’n ahead and shake your derriere / see I’m like Fred Astaire / which means if I could tap a bottle to get you moving I could pay for my own Medicare / yeah, but if I miss than uh-oh / I’d probably run around like I’m down on my luck bro / but no / see I’ve never been a victim and so you could never shake me up out of my hustle / cuz I plan to be running the game / and MC spells VITAL—remember the name / and test me / you want it against me than place your bets B / cuz I’m shaking up the house like epilepsy / now, we hitting bust over twenty-one and trust above anyone / I’m rugged for months plus millenniums / professional with the math past the said and done / so you be number one, and I’ll be the Armageddion / Chorus B: And the party’s just begun / come to the number one sound getting all you sprung / and we can rep it on the east to the west / from the north to south and bring it back to the best / see, the party’s just begun / run to the number one sound till my job is done / and I’ma take it to the east, to the west / from the north to south and leave God with the rest / Chorus
Now this one’s for them everyday 9 to 5ers / this for the starving artists in the spotlight / this for the men and women who know they got the spirit living in them, but been in a dead end when trying to fight for their desires / thus, by any means ness / bad enough take some cuz life is only good as each breath / define it by the moment, own it and rep it / cuz only you control you through the present to def’nit / I said it, therefore I live it, easier said than done / so if I lose perfection than I owe you one / I’m speaking of the quality manifested in the individual purpose here / water, fire, earth, and air / body, soul, yin and yang as the purest prayer / in ritual on tracks to slaughter up like a mercenaire / yeah / I got it locked like a prison / hard time on the yard till all the armed guards come up missing / Coming up this game with the stress on your head like an everyday thang, well it goes on / it’s why I’m gonna try to see that the glass has been half full to mash for the life of me / and if you take it in stride for the right, then you’ll finally realize, you’re gonna get it, and you don’t stop / that’s why we do it passionately / for the love to the death, for the throne to the majesty / It’s like the prophecy of 2012 coupled with the fourth horseman / cutting negative thoughts off like foreskin / the war within is waged at epic proportions / so then I score to win without any endorsements / yo / corpses line the battlefield—cautious / the step, facing Death on the chessboard and he forfeits / asalom alakem, sig simper teranis, and I’m being honest / while bandaging the bleeding conscience up / rocking what love defines when we chop it up / and mopping up the track with these words like a monster truck / I’ll take the risk because it’s medicine baby / and copping all that’s definite because it’s better than maybe / if luck is a lady, then I’ma hella dine her like crazy / invite her for a nightcap and take her hymen off safety / so cease the cock blocking, I’m not stopping / when the audience is jazzed like John Stockton / word / This positive mind frame alleviates my pain / and keeps the high going like norcs and nightrain / masterful octane, heating up the centigrade / full speed ahead and never stepping back anymore / raw, I’m talking R-A-W / beat street blessed banzai buckaroo / got it covered like terrestrial, and the rest of you who’s imperceptible just try to resurrect an image that ain’t nothing new / so I can take the lick and keep it ticking ticking / plotting all the points with definitive inner vision / never tripping on them cowards and their fear of indecision / 86 the cynicism in addition / what now, it’s time for ya’ll to come down / cuz some of you cats act so slick it’s like you’ve just rubbed one out / and I don’t need to be there to see it / because I plant the seeds that get elitist egos defeated / believe it /
Soul Statix 03:48
Ugh, it's been on lock bro / since the inception of the Motorola bravo / since Jesus preached the gospel to his apostles / once MDB was formed in the garage yo / ugh, we bring heat / manifest the message through the music leaving people screaming encore / while all these rappers coming semi hard life soft porn / vis-a-vis a VITAL banger hella knocks yours / right, you know my steez / an illicit minister, menace to temperatures freezing cold / 33 below and I'm breaking all you out your sleeper hold / an odd duck going against the season's even flow / even though my soul rolls on gold like C-3PO / C: So everybody on the left let me see what you got / while everybody on the right balances out the spot / we keep it locked so let me see you start a riot in here / because you know we been down for years / for years / now rep it in the middle where the savages group / and crack a brew because this magic's for the addict in you / and if you packed in the room then we'll be mashing your ears / with the sound that's been down for years / for years / Kick it with a wicked style and keep the party critical / unadulterated with a spit sicker than sick allows / and you know this opus keeps me hella focused when I'm staring through ya- Turning up your speakers, stomping in your sneakers / to the kick drum as it bangs up your system / and this one gets you even better than the last one / cuz the passion equals faith added to action / with hella traction / so if you think I'm blowing smoke here / watch me come equipped with no fear when the smoke clears / influencing all you got between both ears / and all you hold dear / so fuck the rigmarole cuz Noel's near / Chorus The track is hella elokwent / the vocals go intelligence / and showing all of ya'll that it's the lick in the present tense / and you'll see that I'ma be back like a relapse / back to the bud spot like where the trees at / And it's so hot / when the fire in my being comes to blow spots / grab the mic out your hand and watch your show stop / so if you suffer from motion sickness, don't watch / or get burned like a stove top / cuz hip hop is co-op / so baby don't rock the boat shop 'less you get cold cocked / and I'll be backed up by the whole block where the flow drops and we run things like Robocop / VITAL legendary, beyond his time already / repping it with Elokwent very extraordinary / full circle like a birth in a cemetery / and everything else in your life you label necessary / Chorus The stars have now all been aligned / and prophesied the seventh sign / thus if you need a hero, I'ma be there in the nick of time / and you got me snapping shots like a paparazzi / and I'm about to take control, watch me /
Mama Is 05:30
Mama I know that it hasn’t always been easy / to try and bring up a fine young person in these days / cause no one has all the answers / and I may not have the life that you said you wanted for me / but mama I’m doing all right / cuz I walk with my held high / knowing that deep inside there’s love, there’s love, there’s love / and even when I feel alone I use the strength you’ve shown to carry on, carry on / And dear mama I love you, happy birthday / everyday from your best to your worst days / it’s cuz of you I’m doing music in the first place / slowing up the flow so you can know what all the words say / since I was 3 years old, my first memories of home / was of you proving to me that I’d never be alone / so if I ever could repay you, I’d bring you a throne / cuz you’re a queen and I can see that Jesus keeps your soul / you’re much richer than this worldly materialism / a blessing given while I’m trying to make music a living / and what I find, I know you’re gonna find three fold / I swear to God I’m never gonna let you be broke / no mater what you’ll find a truth in all my promises / I wish you health and piece of mind in your accomplishments / you know what honest is, I hope you’re fond of this / because there’s nobody in the world quite like my mama is / C: From dusk to the dawn / sun to the storm / from heaven to the earth and every angel that’s beyond / when the troubles come through all millenniums / mama is my rock / I’m telling everyone / from sickness through health / from poor unto wealth / when everything tries to keep me down on myself / there ain’t nobody else / I don’t need no one’s help / mama is my rock / and so I hope it’s felt / When I was a little child, you always saw the best in me / told me not to cheat or lie / never beg and always say please / and life’s not always easy but you got to follow your heart / even if it’s back to the start / even if you fall apart / know this, the sun will always shine / even after the darkest of the night, darkest of the night / baby don’t you let your eyes get too accustomed to the light / I know I’m troublesome and I apologize / but then you’re only young once until the moment dies / and I can’t live my whole life locked inside disguise / but mama through your eyes I feel immortalized / like I can do anything I put my mind to / and past mistakes you make will only be behind you / so move forward through the trials and tribulations that / can only bring you patience that can teach the wisdom that in hindsight has to make you laugh / mama I’ma claim to that / no matter where my journeys take me, I’ma make it back / much wiser plus much more stronger / I love you more than life itself if life spans expanded longer / I promise you the world starting off with California / bountiful gardens in your name that I just have to show ya / it’s why I’m rapping for ya, cuz after all of this / there’s no body in this world quite like my mama is / Chorus
I sit inside the circle within many circles of this existence / equations, formulations in patience and nature’s mystics / intrinsic forensics, introspective, and pain exquisite / assuming the role again and playing way too safe to risk it / cuz I’ve seen it in your eyes and the limits that’s placed upon ‘em with the burden no one chooses / I clench my two fists too much to lose it / in whosit and whatsit / a fallen angel’s final plummet emanating up from my stomach / like I can’t trace the basis of what surrounds me / paradise lost from all the doubting / I count the numbered days in repetitionist cycle duality / to read between the lines inside a heathen’s mind set / so I step back into infinite oblivion / beckon the calling from Midian, listening to the walls when they speak / in tongues of purest blasphemy, and as for me, they drown me in a rhapsody of ash and alcohol, cuz I’ve fallen deep / Chorus: Many reasons deem this right, but am I coming too close / because I’ve read it in your eyes and that’s like seeing a ghost / between this endless loneliness where I’m finding my peace / and to you, I release, I release, I release / the unexplainable is that the silence sings in infamy / and when I look in your direction, these patterns is killing me / but still I see the hidden visions we whisper within the breeze / and to you I release, I release, I release the unexplainable / I tend to think a little more than I should / retracing the steps that lay dormant in a perfect storm warning / Poseidon resides in the sinless souls that he’s siphoned from the sightless seas with his trident and calls more in / they follow him too / in the kind of way that all of us do / blind ambition, toxic faith marking the sovereign few / who swallow their pride like cyanide pills in mulligan stew / but hindsight is 20/20 and it’s all that I knew from environments / like starting a land war with a million china men / history repeats, so ultimately where’s the cycle end / I’ve seen my rites of passage passing right by again / calling out to claim Leviathan / and I had witnessed the battle in Heaven, composing the seventh trumpet / the pendulum tethering through assumption / the second hand never lies, followed by minutes that offer nothing but a glimpse into a graveside laid for the sake of suffering / Chorus Have you ever heard the silence / have you actually seen the darkness / paint a picture perfect like portraits in your subconscious / definitive nature, just how regrettable is it / balancing distances between breathing out and breathing in / you’ve never seen words I’m speaking lingering like apparitions above your chamber door / to steal your night like fireflies / my scruples are placed in question / conception of Rorschach image / mimics ink spilt from my pen within between circadian rhythms / where the night’s fall and the day’s break / and the war’s fair, but we’re scared to test fate / dishonesty honestly’s like some whores into sodomy / getting fucked in the end cuz they keep lying for quality purpose / service the servant, the payoff in a virgin’s blood / saturating the soil just enough for the earth to flood / birth to death, my breath’s been tainted with your love / and that I’m gonna take with me until the day they pull the plug / Chorus
Battle Hymn 04:40
Hut 1, 2, 3, Hut 1, 2 / this is my rifle this is my gun / this ones for fighting this one’s for fun / It’s the battle hymn / lock and load / mashing down Babylon / distant drums / on the frontline / guns of Navarone / scream my name / who am I / ritualistic suicide / in the killing fields / let the tempers fly / do or die / Ay yo, this Max Pain blacksmith / swinging his swords and axes / attacks with these rap tactics and casts his acid / corroded batteram crashes to ass backwards / until the masses back flip upon a broken axis / this open abscess swallows you whole and closes caskets / and my semantics define your soul in throes of madness / gallons of Absinthe, sugar cubes, explosive gasses / and a pack of open matches that catches the firestorm we raining down like avalanches / over your black list / and the fact is you can’t add up what I’ve subtracted / this mathematical abbot savagely clashes with you fascist bastards to tag up the abacus amateurs vanish / taking the four corners of this atlas / just like the Spanish when Cortez conquered the Aztecs / speed of light and even faster than fast gets / shattering your soul before I liquidate your assets / Come see my pride is bulletproof glass and jazzy like cantaloops / I’ve had the juice entranced while you been dangling by the hangman’s noose / man the decks / plan to lose / the alchemy of homicide / and I ain’t giving a damn about death yet, cuz I’m alive / to bring the sounds of fleets of war ships / watch your steps else sink into the murky depths once the storm hits / either that or forfeit / try to battle God when he’s lost it / then rot with the skeletons inside your closet’s crawlspace / don’t clown around like John Wayne Gace / cuz I just come to spill your blood and see how the stains taste / cannibal, inflict the lockjaw at the mandible / infallible as rabid animals / so try your luck to bite / psych / and I’ll erupt with a better style / running wild, I come to break souls like a pedophile / Optimist plans the strategy now check the vile / V.I.T.A.L. Emcee cast the weak into exile / Sniper scope shots by the third light of your cigarette / blast your Adam’s Apple out the back of your shivering neck / hit the deck, the general motions to get respect / so all your bloodletting threats gets my intellect erect / been in effect since the growth spurt of my syntax / 21 gun salutes verbally make the clips clap / playing click clack upside your tired pimp hat / and since that style is getting old, I’m taking this shit back / cuz my tongue weigh a ton / slaying with this wordplay gun spray ricochets and lacerated the sun / maroon moons paint the red before the tainted rum / Armageddon appetites laced by the cadence drum / we been waiting for this day to come / apocalypse now / burn this metropolis down / intelligence and consciousness found / we’re getting nearer / so play this tape back on Al Jazera / BANG YOUR HEAD


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released May 8, 2014




VITAL Emcee Brisbane, Australia

VITAL Emcee is a boxing match between 2Pac and Eminem with Elton John as the referee.

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